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Trust intends to bring individuality and a certain uniqueness to each piece created. Trust’s designs are created with a mix of symbolic energy and coastal inspiration. The collections are inspired by the designer’s passion for cultivating the bohemian life.

The original Trust collection features antique keys, the acquisition of each key in itself is unique, and often there are no duplicates. The keys will be matched as accurately as possible to the designs pictured. Each key is hand selected by the artist in order to maintain the free spirit aesthetics they may bring. With each new collection, Trust is constantly evolving and expanding but is always inspired by the ocean,traveling, the sun, the moon, adventures, people and places.




Inspired by vintage treasures, far off places and life memories, Tanya Rustigian created trust. Growing up in the antique business, the owner and creator has followed the lead of her self-employed, hardworking parents. Originally from Plymouth, MA, Tanya has a local love for Cape Cod. She spent summers working on Martha’s Vineyard and after traveling all over the world, the little island still remains her favorite place. Crediting the island’s environment and creative energy for fueling her artistic development, Tanya has used her own inspiration and creativity to blossom and introduce Trust.


I love traveling, cooking, road trips, the ocean, chap stick, watching the sun set, peanut butter, coffee,snowboarding, coconut, kickboxing.
Xo T